Geraldine Summer Fete

Geraldine Summer Fete

Vickies Originals Nelson

Timbersoul Ltd

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We specialise in high quality custom made wooden furniture and giftware, examples of stall items are: coffee tables, bookcases, display units, desks, dining table, folding step stools, serving boards, candle holders, vases. Products are made from a range of hardwood such as but not limited to oak, maple, elm and Rimu.

Victoria Jane

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In a world of hard edges, a Victoria Jane woman knows her strength and story, tells and illustrates that story with collections of divine design that are gloriously decadent and personify her beauty and her mood of the moment. It could be the treasure of a luxury Victoria Jane handbag that makes her feel like a crowned princess with a splash of colour that catches your eye and the twinkle in her eye. It might be the designer bath towels that can tell you if she is feeling as strong, silent and sensual as the prowling tiger or as flitty, flirty and flighty as the hummingbird or as a bold, bright and brilliant as the flamingo. There is always a story of inner and outer beauty to be told without words being spoken. And the Victoria Jane designs are playful and plentiful and bring out the ever so slightly naughty that is within every one of us and is in self a treasure to behold.