Geraldine Summer Fete

Geraldine Summer Fete

Talbot Silver

Talbot Silver

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Talbot Silver offer an extensive range of contemporary classic sterling silver jewellery. Established 14 years ago this family run business sells a wide range of unique silver jewellery pieces from worldwide sources as well as offering individual designs made to order. Talbot Silver celebrate design and craftsmanship in fine sterling silver jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery is synonymous with class and style in the world of fashion. Its versatility and flexibility make it a welcome and useful addition to any wardrobe.

All our jewellery is created from 92.5% sterling silver which is the minimum standard for sterling silver. Sterling silver is non-allergenic and of the highest quality for exceptional pieces that will last a lifetime. An item of sterling silver jewellery also makes the perfect gift to be worn and treasured forever. be an image of jewelry


Victoria Jane

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In a world of hard edges, a Victoria Jane woman knows her strength and story, tells and illustrates that story with collections of divine design that are gloriously decadent and personify her beauty and her mood of the moment. It could be the treasure of a luxury Victoria Jane handbag that makes her feel like a crowned princess with a splash of colour that catches your eye and the twinkle in her eye. It might be the designer bath towels that can tell you if she is feeling as strong, silent and sensual as the prowling tiger or as flitty, flirty and flighty as the hummingbird or as a bold, bright and brilliant as the flamingo. There is always a story of inner and outer beauty to be told without words being spoken. And the Victoria Jane designs are playful and plentiful and bring out the ever so slightly naughty that is within every one of us and is in self a treasure to behold.

Slowlife Collection

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The Slowlife Collection is a premium range of picnic and leisure gear made for thrill-seekers and chill-seekers, sunset sessions and weekend wanderings. Our mission is to make products that support the best things in life: spending slow time under the sun with family and friends. The collection is made up of classic pieces for the perfect picnic – nothing more, nothing less. It’s the simple things.

Four Peaks leather

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We are a locally owned and operated business producing high quality products using Opossum fur, lambskin or calf hide. All of our products are made by skilled workers in New Zealand, to a very high standard. Our company is creative, flexible and innovative. We can deal with unique one off projects, and also have the resources and manufacturing ability to deliver large volume orders.